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July 3, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques News — Harriet

During recent remodelling work at the Oklahoma State Capitol, a worker made a surprising discovery of antique lighting stored in an unknown attic. The space was found over the fifth floor of the building and when it was entered, a range of lighting was discovered that dates back to a point in the early 1900s. The reason that the lighting was placed in the hidden attic remains unknown.

According to Dr Bob Blackburn, historic buildings are constructed with fine detail. He said:

“What connects people in Cimarron County to the people in McCurtain County, what connects all of our communities together? The symbol is the State Capitol itself, it’s the one symbol.”

Historians were able to place the lighting to 1917 using documents and pictures. Blackburn has confirmed that the light fittings are authentic and the artefacts have been carefully removed from the hidden attic. MA + Architecture, the company which restored the chamber of the Capitol in 1993, is particularly pleased with the discovery.

The manager of the company, Paul Bruce Meyer, said that although the architects had original drawings of the light fixtures, they didn’t have sufficient budget to recreate the lights. Charles Ford, the State Senator, has expressed his delight at the discovery, stating that there’s no other capitol more beautiful than the Oklahoma State Capitol.

Original features of a building, including fixtures and fittings, are often collectible – especially antique furniture, which so easily replicates the historical feel of a home. Preston, in the UK, has antiques dealers who have a selection of pieces that may be of interest to collectors of fine furniture, like antique cabinets.

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