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September 8, 2011 - Filed under: Antique Desks — Harriet

For some, collecting antiques can become an obsession. However, sometimes it’s not antique desks or Arts and Craft furniture – for Dave Kafton, a resident of Lodi, California, it’s antique motorcycles, and he’s had the bug ever since childhood. Aged 57, he bought his first antique bike when he was 19 years old, a Harley dating back to 1947. However, it was the purchase of a 1935 vintage bike with all its original parts, some seven years later that gave him a real passion for his hobby.

According to his friends, Dave Kafton has a quirky personality, which is why they give him motorcycle memorabilia, photos and motorcycle parts to keep in his garage. One sign that is hung on the garage wall reads:

“This area is under quarantine due to motorcycle fever.”

Kafton’s collection of motorcycles dates back to 1911, which is a Pope motorcycle that’s never been repainted and is covered in rust. It is that very fact that makes it even more special. Kafton is the president of a local club for antique motorcycles, occasionally taking part in races. He is due to fly to Iowa to take part in a race on his 1920 motorcycle “Iron Dinosaur”.

Debbie Kafton is supportive of her husbands obsession for antique motorcycles, and occasionally joins him in the garage while he repairs motorcycles for friends.

Collecting antiques is a common passion for a number of people, whether antique motorcycles or antique desks. In the United Kingdom, collections of antique art and furniture is extremely popular. For collectors of antique furniture who are looking for items like antique desks, Lancashire has a host of expert antique dealers who can help.

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