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Harth is a website that connects owners of antiques and art with people who want to borrow them.

Some people own antiques that they do not want to keep in their home. This could be because it is a piece that has been inherited but does not fit with a more modern décor. An antique may have been bought as an investment rather than use, with the hope that it will increase in value. People moving abroad for a while may want to keep their home without leaving valuable antiques inside.

Antiques can be put into storage, but Harth has come up with an alternative, that not only saves storage fees but generates income. Harth connects borrowers who want to rent antiques with antique owners who want to see their antiques used and appreciated, In return, lenders receive a monthly fee for the use of their antiques.

Hart’s founder, Henrietta Thompson, says:

“It’s a platform that enables you to have access to all kinds of objects without having to invest in forever-pieces.”

The site is an invitation-only platform to test the system. Borrowers signed up include interior designers and property developers. It has 10,000 items for rent.

Owners of antique settees, antique chests and other furniture purchased from Lancashire antique shops usually make use them in their home. If there comes a time when antiques need to be stored, Harth is providing an alternative for owners that generate income. Borrowers enjoy the pleasure of antiques without the expense of purchasing them.

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