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One of the first Apple computers created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak is to be auctioned by Christie’s. There will be 10 Apple products auctioned, including an Apple 1 computer from 1976. The model which is being auctioned consists of the motherboard, a manual and an autographed photo of Jobs and Wozniak, and is expected to be sold for around $500,000.

A similar model of Apple 1 was recently auctioned in Germany and fetched $546,000, although it came with alternative accessories. In comparison to today’s computers, the first Apple computers were basic. When purchased, they consisted of just a motherboard without any casing. The owner had to buy a separate keyboard and monitor. A special card and cassette recorder were needed to install the BASIC programming language. The items being auctioned by Christie’s were examined by Professor Stephen Edwards, who specialises in computer science in Columbia. He believes that the Apple items being auctioned were made by Jobs and Wozniak, or possibly constructed by one of their friends. Among the other items being auctioned to have come from a private collection is a Macintosh SE prototype and an Apple Lisa.

The sale of the first Apple computers at auction is expected to create huge interest. However, in many cases buying an item at auction means the buyer will have to pay more than if the item was bought from an antique dealer, as a buyers’ premium will be charged. This applies to any purchase at auction, even furniture like antique marquetry furniture .

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