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May 14, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques News — Harriet

A fundraising event held in honour of the Osceola Historical Society revealed a few strange items for appraiser Mark Moran. The appraisal was held recently in Osceola , where Moran was faced with a number of unusual pieces for appraisal – including one item made of human hair. Although he had seen items made of hair before, usually made from hair of a deceased person and known as ‘mourning’ pieces, he knew this was different.

The item was made of hair from several sources and intricately woven. The piece was brought in by Garrick Mikl and Alanna Manfredini. According to Moran, the piece was popular in the Victorian era when watch chains and wreaths were frequently made using human hair. As hair is protein, it doesn’t easily break down and will last a long time. Moran was presented with a number of unusual antique items during the appraisal that he believes are of historical interest. A wool banner that had been customised was brought in for appraisal. The banner was woven by Mabel Jensen when she taught at the New Mexico Normal School in 1933. Moran was fascinated by the geometric design and the lettering.

Unusual antique items can be found in antique dealers in the UK, especially furniture from the Victorian era. For collectors of fine antique furniture, antique dealers will have items including Victorian oak pedestal desks in the Ribble Valley area of the UK. Other pieces will be on display for those who enjoy browsing antiques stores.

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