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Roger Mackey, a resident of Parkersburg in West Virginia has been collecting antique clocks for over 40 years, spending much of that time repairing and maintaining his precious collection of time pieces. Out of the 400 clocks, which he has collected over the years, about 50 of them will be in working order at any time. However, to maintain a clock in good working order requires some care and attention on the owner’s part, which is why so many clocks end up thrown away and neglected.

Antique dealers who restore a number of pieces, including clocks and furniture, can be found in areas of the UK. For instance, if you are searching for antique dining chairs in Preston , you will find a number of dealers who have carefully restored a selection of items which will grace any home.

According to Mackey, rather than altering all his clocks when Daylight Saving Time comes to an end, he will simply stop them for the hour, avoiding a day spent setting them all. Unlike modern clocks, simply moving the hands of the clocks to the new time would throw the chiming process off balance.

The antique clock collector was presented with his first clock when he was just 15 years old. His grandfather had found the clock while clearing out an attic. Mackey exchanged a shotgun once in return for that clock, not knowing whether it was a good idea. He found out that the clock was valuable, which started him on his journey. When talking of his collection of antique clocks, he said:

“It’s nice to pick up something somebody was going to throw away and bring it back to life.”

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