29 May 2020
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It has recently been revealed that Parliament spent around half a million pounds protecting its antique furniture from pests and vermin.

The Houses of Parliament building is not only occupied by MPs, but is also populated by moths, mice and other pests that can damage the antique furniture in the building. In the 2017-2018 financial year, £119,000 was spent to get rid of rodents and moths and in the five years until 2018, half a million pounds were allocated to solve the problem.

A historic carpet made by the 19th century designer A.W. Pugin is amongst the many valuable antique items in the Houses of Parliament and the nearby Portcullis House that need protecting.

One of the reasons that the Houses of Parliament are vulnerable is because they are situated next to the River Thames, where many rodents live. The House of Commons employs a full time pest controller.

The chamber of the House, where the heated parliamentary debates take place, has many moth traps, and there are mouse traps in corridors and other rooms. Pest controllers are employed to get rid of pigeons and seagulls that nest and roost in the roof of the building.

Despite all this money and effort, mice are frequently seen in the building, including in the restaurants.

When you buy antique sofas, desks and other antique furniture from Lancashire antique dealers for your rooms, make sure that you have pest control measures that prevent this kind of damage to your furniture.

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