16 Apr 2021

Proving that quality antiques will always hold their value, no matter what the state of the economy, an antique desk, antique chair and two antique bookcases that were once owned by Marshal Philippe Pétain sold for €23,000 to a body that has been set up to preserve his reputation.

The antique furniture was originally owned by a Jewish family of some standing in France during Word War II, but was seized by Pétain’s officials during the war. Pétain ran a government during the Second World War, one that collaborated with Hitler.

The antique furniture is from the 19th Century. It was stored with an antique dealer when the officials from Pétain’s government found it while looking for antique furniture for his offices. They took the antique furniture, but after the war ended the Jewish family were able to reclaim it.

The grandchildren of the Jewish family, who inherited the antique furniture, opted to sell it because of the bad memories it held for them. It was bought by Hubert Massol, who intends to use the furniture in a museum dedicated to Marshal Philippe Pétain.

Massol explained:

We had been looking for his furniture for a long time. We didn’t know where it was and thought it had disappeared… Finding it was quite an emotional thing.

This not only shows that quality antique furniture holds its value, but any antiques connected to the Second World War or notable figures during the war, are also highly sought after.

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