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January 4, 2012 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

Notorious rock star Pete Doherty stopped off to buy himself some antique drug paraphernalia whilst on a trip in Paris.

The singer stopped by at a fair selling antiques whilst on his recent trip and found a few 1930s pipes, originally used as part of some lab experiments involving drugs.

The pipes were up for sale as antiques, perhaps for someone to buy who was interested in 1930s memorabilia, however, Pete was apparently interested in the current working order of the pipes.

A source spoke to The Sun newspaper and was quoted as saying:

“He loved them and said he would take them all – then asked the guy if the pipes could still be used to smoke with.

“Pete had a stunning girl on his arm who looked the spit of Kate Moss and he was very friendly, polite and funny.”

It will come as no surprise to people of the Babyshambles rocker’s love for illegal substances, after having made appearances at court 14 times in recent times in relation to drug related crimes, amongst other offences.

Doherty did attempt to end his drug habit in 2008, reportedly for Kate Moss, his girlfriend at the time, but after the couple split it was rumoured that Pete had rekindled his love for illegal substances.

Pete later told Loaded magazine:

“Anyone can feel amazing if you’re with someone you love. There are moments in your life (when) you’re genuinely happy and content. When you split-up with someone, someone that you’re seriously in love with, it takes a lot of time before you even realise that you’re upset. You know? It just hits you.”

Despite Pete’s negative reputation, he appears to have been on his best behaviour during his visit to the Parisian antiques fair and was spotted posing for photos with fans and the antiques dealers.

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