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November 3, 2011 - Filed under: Antiques News — David

Brothers from Hesperia, California have discovered what they believe are photographs of Wyatt Earp from his early childhood to his adulthood. Wyatt Earp was a law enforcer in the Wild West, famously being a survivor of the gunfight at the O.K Corral in 1881, which saw three cowboys being shot and killed. The leather backed photo album was bought by Keith and Brian Collins for $50 from an antiques store in Hesperia.

Around 24 photos are bound in the album, depicting Earp from childhood through his teenage years and as an adult. The album also contained photos of two of his wives and his mother. Calamity Jane, whose persona was famously portrayed by Doris Day in the film, also appears in the album. As no photos of Earp were thought to exist before age 20, the brothers will have the album and its contents authenticated, as it could be extremely valuable. It remains unclear why the photo album was discovered in Hesperia.

Antiques often hold a fascination with collectors, who long to discover the history of a particular item. Antique furniture may have been passed down through generations, perhaps originating in a Victorian home. UK residents can often discover unusual items of furniture like antique desks in the Lancashire area, where you will often be provided with some interesting details of the piece.

The Collins brothers have made a career from antiques, searching for treasures in antiques stores and at sales. They believe the album could be worth around £1 million dollars if authentic, making it the most valuable discovery to date in Hesperia.

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