31 May 2020
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During a recent state visit to Buckingham Palace by Mohammed Bin Salman, the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince, an official photograph was taken in the palace’s audience room. Following this, the Daily Mail asked antique experts to identify and value some of the Queen’s antiques as seen in the picture.

The carpet is French and dates back to the 18th century. The picture on the wall shows a view of the River Thames from Somerset House and was painted by Italian artist, Canaletto. On the fireplace is a pair of 18th century English porcelain pheasants, which are valued at £20,000.

A white marble and gilt bronze clock on the centre of the fireplace is worth around £4,000. The late 18th century chandelier that lights the room is valued at £10,000. The most expensive antique in the room is a 19th century gilt mirror, which is worth around £30,000.

The Daily Mail noted that alongside all of these expensive antiques was a basic small two-bar electric fire, which is worth under £30 at a high street store. The paper says that this demonstrates the frugal nature of the Queen. It is not known whether the Crown Prince noticed this example of thrift.

If you are looking for antiques in Lancashire antique shops, you will be able to find fine examples of late Victorian furniture and Victorian Mahogany dining tables. These will not be as expensive as the Queen’s antiques.

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