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A letter written in 1931 and found in a book of poetry by Lord Tennyson belongs to one of the suffragettes portrayed in the new movie, Suffragette.

The letter was discovered around 30 years ago by Kathy Sohor, who was browsing a local antiques store. Sohor, 63 years old, found a book of poems written by Lord Tennyson and thought the gold leaf pages and leather cover would look attractive on her shelves at home. When she turned to her favourite poem, The Lady of Shallot, the letter fell out.

The letter, written by Maude Royden, was dated 25th January 1931 and addressed to someone called Harry, thanking him for his introduction to work by Tennyson. Although Sohor tried to find out more about the woman, she couldn’t find any more details, especially as the internet wasn’t available at that time, making it difficult to trace her. It wasn’t until recently, when Sohor heard the name “Maude Royden” that she thought any more about it. Listening to the radio while driving, Sohor heard the name mentioned in connection with a new movie called Suffragette, and starring Meryl Streep, who plays Emmeline Pankhurst.

Maude Royden was actively involved in the Women’s Suffrage, fighting for women to be treated as equals and be allowed to vote. It is always possible to find the unexpected while browsing in an antiques store, whether looking for books or antique furniture like an antique coffee table. Sohor said that she was pleased to have discovered the link to Royden.

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