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April 12, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Harriet

The popular TV auctioneer Anita Manning held an antiques valuation day in Largs on 10th April. She had been invited to the town by members of the Largs Rotary Club to help them raise funds for their charity.

Anita Manning has appeared on several popular TV antique shows such as “Bargain Hunt” and “Flog It”, and the Rotary Club was reportedly thrilled to have secured Anita’s appearance.

The Valuation Day was held in the Clark Memorial Church Hall between the hours of 10am and 2pm. Anita and her team charged £5 for each item they valued with the profits distributed to groups and charities supported by the Largs Rotary Club.

Before the event, Anita advised people to:

“Have a look through your cupboards, drawers and attics. We are looking forward to seeing jewellery, gold and coins, silver, teddies, dolls and train sets, whisky, paintings, sporting items and memorabilia and much, much more. Bring them along to the Clark Memorial Church Hall… You could have a treasure and get a lovely surprise!”

She added:

“If you have furniture or larger items, bring a photograph. Also if you have any paperwork related to an item e.g., letters and commendations related to war medals, old receipts and insurance certificates, bring them along.”

Within the county of Lancashire there are a number of reputable antique dealers that stock a range of good quality antique furniture. They will be happy to value that antique open bookcase or set of Victorian dining chairs taking up space in the garage.

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