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June 11, 2013 - Filed under: History of Antiques — Harriet

Members of the Antiques Roadshow team received a warm welcome from the residents of Portsmouth, as they set up to film at The Royal Marines Museum. The production team invited people along with their treasures so that they could receive a valuation. Experts were on hand waiting for the queues of people who had brought along antiques and collectibles.

One man who arrived from Gosport, Gordon Brown, had brought along a Jolly Roger flag from HMS Tantalus. The flag had been presented to Gordon’s father, John, following the decommissioning of the boat in 1950. John Brown had been the youngest submariner on the boat. In addition to receiving a valuation, Gordon also learned some of the flag’s history using the symbols. Four bars on the flag represent four ships that were torpedoed. The submarine had two ‘cloak and dagger’ operations which are denoted on the flag by two daggers. The deck gun was fired eight times, which is represented by eight stars in the flag’s right corner at the top. Although Gordon had previously been offered £1,000, he was amazed to learn that it was worth around £5,000.

Another gentleman, who brought along a beggar’s bell and six brass ornaments from India, was surprised to learn that the bell was valued at £30 and each of the ornaments at £20.

Every antique has a history, which is why people looking for furniture will search for pieces like tables and antique desks in Lancashire , where reputable antiques dealers are able to provide some history of an item.

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