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November 21, 2012 - Filed under: Antique Tables — Richard

Many Ribble Valley residents have a dropped-leaf Pembroke table on display; after all, it is among the most useful and affordable of all antique dining tables , fitting perfectly into the modern family home.

However, those who have an inherited dropped-leaf table in their homes should check its value carefully, as while many of the Pembroke-style antique dining tables in Lancashire are of little relative worth, older or more unusual pieces can be extremely valuable – and their worth seems to be increasing. At a recent sale in Windsor, Connecticut, an early 19th century Federal American drop-leaf table made $36,800 (about £27,550) – seven times the estimated value.

The Federal period of American furniture design lasted approximately from 1789 and 1823. Neoclassical in form, and strongly influenced by Georgian, Adams and Regency styles, Federal furniture follows sharply geometric lines, with chairs and tables supported on elegant straight legs. Antique marquetry furniture makes minimal use of pictorial motifs, instead being defined by straight-cut veneers and tasteful geometric inlays.

One of the most notable designers of Federal American furniture was Duncan Phyfe who, rather than creating his own designs, reinterpreted existing trends, ushering in a uniquely American style of neoclassicism. The Windsor antique dining table was one of several Federal pieces which did well in the sale, surprising even the auctioneer, who commented it had been the most successful Federal furniture sale in five years.

Stateside trends tend to get repeated this side of the water, so now might be the time to invest in a neoclassical antique dining table. Ribble Valley residents can find a good selection by visiting an antique dealer.

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