14 Apr 2021
March 29, 2021 - Filed under: Antique Furniture — Mark

In a recent Instagram picture, Princess Anne was seen in the living room of her home at Gatcombe Park. Fans of royalty see this image as proof that Princess Anne is a fan of maximalism, which is forecast to be one of 2021’s biggest interior design trends.

Maximalism is the opposite of minimalism, the latter of which features rooms with few objects, modern furniture and no decoration features. Maximalism lovers, on the other hand, like ornate antique furniture and fill their rooms with objects. Princess Anne’s room is full of vintage ornaments, photo frames, books and memorabilia associated with her love for horse riding.

People have been spending more time at home during the coronavirus lockdowns and have been experimenting with interior design ideas. Many prefer bold and colourful patterns and want to surround themselves with objects. Speaking to Express.co.uk, interior design expert Kate Beavis said:

“We have spent so much time in our homes recently, with many people having more time on their hands to look at Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. I feel they have wanted to make it a warm and inviting place, hence investing in more pieces.”

If maximalism appeals to you, visit Lancashire antique dealers for antique desks, chests, sofas and other antiques. They also sell clocks, jars, ornaments and other objects to fill your rooms with interesting objects. Beavis also recommends adding items that have sentimental value or bring back fond memories.

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