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July 25, 2013 - Filed under: Auctions — Richard

A number of antiques and other items thought to have belonged to Queen Victoria have recently been discovered and will be sold at auction by auctioneers. The collection was discovered at a Leicestershire house where they had been collected over the years by an older lady. The collection was thought to have been started around 1970.

A hat pin case made of bone which reputedly belonged to the queen is to be included in the sale, along with three monogrammed handkerchiefs. Two pairs of silk stockings are expected to raise around £1,000. There are a number of other items to be included in the sale, like blotting paper with the letterhead of Balmoral and brooches believed to be from Windsor Castle and Balmoral. A needlework box is also to be auctioned that is thought to be the property of Princess Victoria, the daughter of Queen Victoria. The princess died in 1901, the same year as her mother Queen Victoria. A black mourning skirt and bodice which dates back to 1885 and was worn by the queen will be sold at auction, along with an envelope addressed from Osborne House by Victoria.

Although the items for sale at auction are expected to raise a large amount, those who buy antiques at auction pay more than at an antiques dealers, as a buyer’s premium is included in the purchase price. For instance, a collector would get a better deal purchasing an antique cabinet from a dealer, rather than at auction.

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