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June 21, 2013 - Filed under: Antique Chairs — Richard

An antiques dealer in Georgetown has just sold his favourite rare antique chair to Sir Paul McCartney. The 1950s McCobb chair belonged to the co-owner of an antiques store in Georgetown, Tom Preston. The rare antique chair is a directional lounge chair with a wing-back design and had been purchased by the antiques dealer six years earlier.

When the antiques store became low on inventory, the owners decided to place the chair on the website of the company. According to Preston, the chair is based on the design of a wing chair, with walnut arms that are sculpted. It is also reportedly comfortable to sit on. Paul McCobb was born in Massachusetts and he designed contemporary furniture, dinnerware, radios and much more. His furniture was reasonably priced and modern so that, during the 1950s, his products became hugely popular and demand soared. Recently, as pieces from the mid-century have become increasingly popular, the Paul McCobb name is now back in demand and highly valuable. Although it isn’t known how much was paid by Sir Paul McCartney for the chair, other pieces from the same period typically sell between $3,000 and $10,000.

Although Tom’s business partner David Bell will miss the chair, he admits that as a trader that is the nature of his work – selling items on to customers. In addition to value, collectors often look for comfort and beauty in an item, especially antique dining chairs . Preston dealers would agree with that sentiment, often selling their favourite pieces on to a good home.

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