22 Apr 2021
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A pair of 28th Century Chinese dining chairs were sold at auction in North Yorkshire recently, significantly exceeding their guide price.

The chairs are constructed from rare padauk wood and they were designed in England but manufactured in China. The Chinese have a long tradition of quality furniture made by skilled woodworkers. The earliest examples of Chinese furniture date from the period of the Eastern Joho (770BC – 221BC). These were known as ‘altar tables’, which were narrow and used to display expensive items, many made from jade or porcelain.

Like these chairs, a lot of Chinese furniture was exported to Britain. Many household items in British homes today are made in China. These 18th Century chairs show that Chinese made goods in our homes is far from a modern trend.

Many Chinese chairs were designed by the British, but the Chinese also developed their distinctive styles. Meditation chairs were for cross legged sitting, and yoke chairs had a bottom stretcher to rest feet on.

The chairs were valued between £4,000 and £6,000 prior to the auction. They finally sold for £23,000, with the winning bidder having to pay commissions and fees on top of this. This bid is not the highest paid for Chinese chairs though, as similar chairs were recently sold for £36,000.

If you are looking for antique dining chairs in Lancashire , antique dealers have a wide choice. You don’t need a budget of £20,000 or more, as there are plenty of quality antique chairs available for a lot less.

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