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May 5, 2016 - Filed under: Antique Tables — Harriet

Auctioneers at Perth-based Lindsay Burns and Company were shocked when a rare antique dining table sold for far more than the original estimate.

The pre-sale estimate on the William IV oak table was placed between £3,000 and £5,000. However, a fierce bidding war ensued by collectors, pushing the final bid up to £22,000. A private buyer eventually won the auction for the antique table, which dates back to 1830.

Nick Burns, the auctioneer, stated that 10 people could be seated comfortably at the table, describing it as being among the “upper league of tables”. The piece originated from a house that Jonathan JB Gill, from the pop group JLS, had considered buying a couple of years ago – Drumfork House at Bridge of Cally. The house was eventually sold to a buyer from Scotland.

According to the auction house, the vendor was thrilled with the outcome of the auction. The table sold for an exceptionally high sum, despite requiring some renovation work. He said of the piece:

“It was in good country house condition but having been well used for the last century was in need of a little TLC to bring it back to a perfect piece.”

Other items at the auction also sold for surprising prices too, including a Monart Ware vase, which went for twice its estimate at £1,250. Burns stated that the vase had been museum quality and in very good condition.

Antique furniture often lasts for many years if cared for well, and many people hunt around antique shops looking for good quality items of this ilk.

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