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A Norwich family’s restoration workshop has closed down after being in the antiques trade since 1870, with the stock left at the family business being placed at auction. Four generations of the Brett family have worked in the family business, although current owner James Brett has decided that it is the right time to sell up and move on.

The family business started out as a furniture retailer and manufacturer in Norwich, eventually expanding the company. During 1931, the family opened a New York showroom while associated with an American company. Although James Brett attended art school in Norwich and worked for an antiques dealer in London, he eventually went to work alongside Frank, his father, in Norwich. James, who is 70 years old, believes that the restoration of antiques is a time consuming business which fewer people are prepared to pay for.

Although James doesn’t know how much to expect from auction, he knows that much of the stock is unavailable elsewhere. He added that some of the stock had been spotted by collectors, so his hopes were high.

Some antiques dealers have experience in Restoring antiques, allowing the buyer access to items that are still in – or close to – their original condition. This is especially important with furniture like antique balloon backed dining chairs , which will have some wear and tear. James is hoping that younger people who are interested in the restoration of antique furniture will buy some of the lots for sale, including table tops made from various types of wood and furniture mounts.

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