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February 4, 2014 - Filed under: Antique Cabinets,Auctions — Harriet

Sought-after furniture items from Bermuda are among the items included in a recent sale organised by Stock X Change in Devonshire.

Following the death of Jean Spence in 2012, aged 86, the contents of Devondale house were sold. The house itself has been bequeathed to the Bermuda National Trust.

Among the items for sale were an antique chest and antique chairs made of Bermuda Cedar. As Bermuda Cedar can’t be cut anymore, the furniture generated huge amounts of interest. Paintings and antique silver were also included in the sale, along with other items of furniture. An antique coffee pot and tea pot made of silver dating back to the 1800s were also of interest to collectors.

The house was built in 1773 and has remained occupied by descendants of the same family since that time. Jean Spence was a member of the Watlington family and inherited the house from grandfather. She had no children and bequeathed the house to the Bermuda National Trust, although the contents were to be sold separately. The only item which is to remain in the property is the bell from a munitions ship which sailed in World War I, SS Pollockshields. The ship sank after hitting a reef in 1915.

Although Bermuda Cedar is no longer cut to make furniture, it is possible to find other types of wood used to make antique cabinets. Preston UK has a number of antiques dealers with knowledge of the various types of wood used to make furniture from earlier periods.

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