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A surprising find of two rare vases has recently been made in Dorset. The two Chinese vases stand at five feet high and are thought to be worth around £100,000. The vases were presented to Reverend Samuel Edward Valpy Filleul by a trader who had previously been rescued by the minister. The trader had been fishing on Lancashire’s River Lune towards the end of the 19th Century when the accident occurred.

Following the incident, the minister and trader – a boy at the time – became friends. Later when the boy had become a wealthy trader in China, he sent the pair of vases to the minister. It is believed that the vases are from the Quing Dynasty during Daoguang’s reign (1820 -1850). The rare vases remained at the home of the minister in Poole, Dorset, and since he died in 1931 they have passed from generation to generation. The real miracle appears to be that the vases survived World War II and army requisition. A member of the minister’s family, Guy Schwinge, said that the family was aware of the Chinese vases but didn’t realise their value.

The vases will be included in a specialist auction and are expected to be sold for around £100,000. However, the buyer will pay more for the vases at auction, as they will be charged a buyer’s premium. Antiques dealers in Preston offer various pieces, including antique desks and other items at a lower price than at auction, providing a great deal.

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