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September 14, 2015 - Filed under: Antique Tables — Harriet

A table made from Waterloo Elm will be up for auction on 25th September, to help raise funds for St Lawrence Church in Stratford.

The rare table is made from the wood of elm trees planted in 1815 to mark the victory of the Napoleonic war. The elms were planted at Salisbury Cathedral, where they stood until 1970 when they had to be felled due to Dutch Elm disease. As the trees had stood at the cathedral for over 150 years, the wood from the felled trees was used to make shelves in the cathedral’s library. The remaining material was used to make a limited number of items of furniture, including the table.

An engineer was offered the opportunity to buy the table in 1997. As it was the last of the furniture to be made by the carpenters of the cathedral, Peter Dowden-Smith decided to buy the item of furniture. He has now put the table forward to be sold at an auction that will be held in the style of Flog It!, a popular antiques TV show. The Friends of St Lawrence Church have organised the event and welcome any antiques, collectibles or unusual items which people may want to sell. The local auctioneer has agreed to donate a portion of the seller’s fees to the event.

Collectors who want to buy an antique dining table will find a selection at local antiques dealers, where they won’t have to pay a buyer’s fee and can take their time browsing the selection.

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