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November 9, 2010 - Filed under: Antiques News,Auctions — Richard

If you’re interested in buying Victorian dining chairs in Cumbria, you’d better move fast – and smartly. People are investing in antiques as the recession bites, according to the BBC’s news website – which is pushing auction prices up.

The report, published on October 22nd, comes from news provided by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) which says buyers are flocking to auctions to make a good return on their investments. It seems that after a long slump, people are once more seeing antiques and fine art as an asset, with better returns than many other forms of investment. Almost 2/3 of surveyors interviewed saw an increase in numbers visiting auctions, over a 3-month period. Unfortunately for those going to auction, reports like this can mean over-enthusiastic bidders push the price up over its estimate.

Generally, this means prices are up on last year. The good news for people in Cumbria wanting antique desks and tables is that precious metals and fine art dominate the market – furniture is still very much a functional thing, though exceptional pieces are fetching record amounts. Popular now is practical “brown furniture” like Victorian dining chairs and tables, and mahogany chests. Antique desks such as Davenports aren’t so popular, though this may change. Good quality regional timber, and vernacular country-style furniture, sells well.

In general, antiques of any kind represent a firm investment. The RICS report suggests the best investments come from non-furnishings, silverware and jewellery being among the hottest items. However Bonhams – the specialists in antique desks and other fine furniture – reported a “phenomenal year” across the entire market.

Visit your local antique dealer near Cumbria for good advice on Victorian dining chairs, settles, and other fine furniture.

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