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June 27, 2011 - Filed under: Antiques News — David

David and Susan Crooks discovered a live hand grenade inside an antique sewing machine that they were restoring back to former glory, according to NBC reports. During the restoration, Susan opened one of the drawers in the machine and discovered what she believed was an oil can. However, her husband, David decided to investigate further, later discovering it was a hand grenade from World War One.

When officers from the Wayne County Sherriff office arrived at the home of Susan and David they immediately called in the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit who disabled the explosive at a safe location. According to the bomb disposal experts from the unit, the hand grenade was German and originated in 1917. The German hand grenades don’t have a pin and instead you have twist off the top and it will explode after five seconds.

According to the couple, the sewing machine has been in the family for approximately 100 years, being passed around from family to family. The machine was passed to the Crooks by David’s step mother who lives in South Carolina. It is believed that her son used to play with the hand grenade as a boy, as they all thought it was a toy. Susan said:

“Kept it in his toy box, took it to school for show and tell.”

Residents of Preston who are searching for antique desks can be assured that the antiques dealer will have checked carefully for any unusual objects in drawers, including hand grenades.

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