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November 16, 2009 - Filed under: Antiques Advice,Antiques News — Harriet

Trips to the salvage yard can unearth a whole load of treasures. Writing in The Guardian earlier this month Ashe Deleuil said:

“We buy too much stuff: people talk about decluttering, but we wouldn’t need to do it if we bought less in the first place.”

Deleuil advocates rescuing furniture from reclamation yards, which saves them from landfill, and giving old furniture that you may have a makeover rather than throw stuff away.

Deleuil also gives examples of items she was able to salvage. These included an old lamp that she inherited from her grandfather. She scrubbed the base and frame clean of rust; she then recovered the frame with fabric lining and added a choice scrap of fabric from Liberty’s, used old fashioned electrical cord found on eBay to add authenticity and voila! Another example was an old armchair inherited from an aunt, and an old antique door from the salvage yard where she replaced the glass, hinges and handles again to create something that looked authentic and she used sympathetic wood stains that didn’t turn something old into something that looked modern, cheap and nasty.

Part of the joy of restoring old pieces of antique furniture is returning them to their former glory. But also these days when we are bombarded with environmental concerns, reclaiming or buying something as simple as an antique dining chair in Lancashire can mean saving a small part of the Amazonian rain forest.

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