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In Cumbria, Victorian dining chairs , especially upholstered styles, tend to need renovation from time to time. The moment seats begin to sag, they need to be upholstered, or damage to the frame will result. Luckily, this need not be an expensive task. There are plenty of antique restorers who carry out reasonably priced repairs to antique dining chairs in Cumbria and Lancashire.

A good restorer will always try to preserve as much of the original stuffing as possible, and ensure the replacement upholstery reflects the original (if the chair is one where original fabric patterns have been kept, this is a bonus as the finished result can be made authentic to the original).

The restorers will generally keep a pictorial record of the work, with photographs from all angles. They will start by removing each layer of upholstery, recording the sequence of layers, webbing type, manner of stitching etc. They will also check the tacking of the frame rails to see if the upholstery is original or not – this will be evident by the number of tack holes. Re-tacked frames on Victorian dining chairs are often in poor condition and sometimes the rails may need to be replaced – though the restorer should consult with you first.

One area of controversy when reupholstering Victorian dining chairs in Cumbria is whether to use tacks or staples. Many restorers consider the use of staples in antique chairs to be unauthentic, and will only ever use tacks. However, others consider staples to be less damaging and say that unless the tacks are authentic 19th century ones, what’s the difference? If you are unsure how best to restore your Victorian dining chairs, a good Preston antique dealer will be happy to advise you.

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