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December 21, 2010 - Filed under: Victorian Dining Chairs — Richard

When it comes to variety in Victorian dining chairs , Lancashire and Preston are spoilt for choice. Take a wander round the showrooms and auctions, and you will see early 18th century Regency-style chairs by Gillows, the most famous name in antique furniture in Lancashire . Victorian dining chairs with elaborate carvings and marquetry inlays by the Aesthetic designers. Gothic and Chippendale Revival styles, and simple vernacular styles byocal Arts and Crafts designers.

These chairs are all immaculate in the antique shops – just right for a Christmas gathering. Not surprisingly, a lot of them have been extensively restored by the dealers prior to going on sale. Victorian dining chairs, in Lancashire as anywhere else, are functional pieces of furniture which, owing to their location, are somewhat vulnerable to damage and abuse.

With this in mind, if you have a set of antique dining chairs and you are expecting a crowd for Christmas, now is the time to look them over to see if they need sprucing up. Remember – any slight damage is likely to become more serious if the chair is suddenly subjected to a lot of use. This especially goes for ornate or delicately moulded Victorian dining chairs; even that Preston namesake, the Lancashire chair, can suffer spindle damage at the back. Once they go adrift from their notches, the entire structure is weakened.

With each chair, press hard on the frame and wobble the legs side to side – the back too, plus the stretchers. If anything is loose, it will need gluing or tapping back into place. As any antique dealer will tell you, Victorian dining chairs in Lancashire were generally well made, making repairs easy to do.

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