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October 15, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques News — David

People in the Nottingham area are being invited to take their old consoles, memorabilia and games along to an Antiques Roadshow-style retro event towards the end of October. The event is a collaboration between the London Science Museum and Nottingham Trent University as part of GameCity 2013.

The festival director of the event, Iain Simons, spoke of his excitement at being involved in exploring an industry that is still relatively new. Any stories of early gaming or any collectibles that are donated at the event will be displayed at the National Video Game Archive, which is based in Bradford.

The event aims to keep memories alive of the technology and history of the last 30 years of video games, along with their effect on modern culture. Simons said that GameCity 2013 would be used to discover the memories people have of the various consoles and collectibles.

According to one vintage gaming enthusiast, Stephen Brealey, people are increasingly likely to return to their old games and consoles as modern technology leaves them feeling disengaged and becomes more complex to operate.

Data reveals that the video game industry will have a value of £51 billion worldwide by 2016.

Antiques often stir up fond memories for people, especially furniture that fulfils a purpose in a home. Antique chests can be used to store collections of old video game disks and cartridges, and cabinets with multiple compartments may be suitable for housing a number of games consoles – along with their leads and controllers – all at once. Those looking for suitable furniture should speak to a reputable dealer.

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