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January 28, 2012 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — David

Antiques Treasure Trail is a Yorkshire BBC programme last seen on terrestrial TV around 10 years ago. However, it’s been revamped for a new audience, and is now available as an internet TV broadcast.

Antiques Treasure Trail Revisited is a “must see” for anyone with an interest in Victorian dining chairs and antique chests. Cumbrian viewers don’t even need a digital aerial, as the series has been made available through a specialist Antiques TV website, allowing anyone with a broadband connection to stream the programmes direct to their TV set (via an internet link.) With a completely new look, and boasting previously unseen footage, the scenes look as if they were filmed yesterday – until you notice a Victorian balloon back dining chair in a French antiques market is priced in francs rather than Euros.

Antiques Treasure Trail was, in many respects, a forerunner of the recently filmed To the Manor Reborn – but on a scale that ordinary viewers can relate to. Take one young family, a run-down, but picturesque North Yorkshire cottage in need of six months renovation, and a pair of chalk-and-cheese presenters given the job of furnishing it to budget with antiques. Veteran antique dealer Maurice Goodlad and novice Ian McMillan give us a fascinating insight into the world of antique auctions and furniture restoration, with some amusing titbits for anyone tempted to visit an antique auction in Cumbria – such as the antique chest Maurice bid for – only to discover, after the hammer went down, that the back was made of hardboard!

Even experts can make mistakes. All the same, if you want Victorian dining chairs for your Preston home, an antique dealer is still the best bet.

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