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However far interior designers take us down the minimalist route, there still seems to be a space in all this whiteness and straight lines for the occasional feature piece of curvaceously carved Rococo antique furniture.

Rococo has retained a heavy influence in both Britain and France from where it originated. The full effect of its organic styling was felt in Britain around 1750 when designers like Thomas Chippendale incorporated its heavily carved features into their furniture designs and period pieces are sought after today.

French ‘shabby chic’ which is a revival of French Rococo and dates from the end of the 19th century also remains very popular in this country. The ‘shabby’ comes from its rubbed painted look where pieces have been rubbed through usage and the passage of time. Colours of paint tend to be light blue, light green, ivory or white and the less that pieces have been messed around with, the more collectible they are. Chairs particularly with the shabbiness retained on their wooden frames, create great opportunities for upholsterers to recover in modern rather than traditional fabrics for that juxtaposition between the old and new.

The main Rococo revival here in Britain began during Victoria’s early reign around 1840 and typically is how we perceive Victorian furniture to be. Most English Rococo revival furniture of this period was made of mahogany and polished or varnished to give it that rich red dark wood appearance that we are so familiar with. Sofas and chairs tended to be upholstered in sumptuous velvets and silks which can easily be emulated today.

When looking for both English and French Rococo period and revival antique dining chairs , Preston in Lancashire has a good selection of experienced dealers who will be able to help.

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