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August 21, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — David

The US Antiques Roadshow team has chosen Richmond, Virginia, as a spot for filming future episodes.

When the team behind the show first arrived in the city, it was presented with thousands of collectibles, family heirlooms and antiques. Before filming can start, the real work begins as experts and appraisers examine the items to find out more. The huge numbers of items brought in to Richmond will provide enough material to produce three episodes of the show, which will be aired in 2014.

The process of checking the items before filming is also being filmed by the crew from “CBS This Morning”. From ten items of furniture which have been examined by experts, two have been selected to be recorded for the TV show. According to the senior specialist of decorative arts and American furniture at Christie’s in New York, Andrew Holter, the experts travel with torches so that they can examine all areas of items. The experts determine the type of wood to see where it was made. For instance, oak drawer sides would be more common in English antique furniture than American. The experts all work together to find out more about each item, piecing together the history of an antique.

The experts were pleased with the items on show and looked forward to filming the TV segments. Antique furniture is interesting as the features and wood type can signify the period a piece was made, like Victorian oak pedestal desks . Cumbria in the UK has a number of experts available to display antique furniture.

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