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September 14, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Richard

At the Antiques Roadshow event in Richmond Park, people who queued for hours with their antiques and items of interest were perhaps left a little disappointed if their treasures didn’t have the high value they hoped. However, quite a few of the items did have an interesting tale behind them, according to presenter Fiona Bruce.

The queues of people reached as far as the Royal Ballet School as people from all over the UK arrived for the filming of BBC’s Antiques Roadshow. One lady had brought along a figurine which had been left to her by her aunt. The heirloom was made during the 1900s and was one of many that were distributed as prizes at village fairs. Although the figurine had so much attention to detail, it was valued at just £1.

Two people who had more luck were Sarah and Richard Howarth, residents of Richmond. They had brought along a painting from the 1920s, depicting rough seas at night. The value was placed at around £600 to £800, although the expert couldn’t give much information about its origin.

Some original sheet music dated and signed by Sir Henry Wood in 1884 was presented by Geoffrey Bowyer, a musician. Although the collection of music is unusual, the value was placed at around £5 for each piece of music.

Some objects – particularly antique furniture that relates closely to a point in history – hold their value better than others. Certain pieces may also hold great interest for the owners, such as items used on a daily basis, like Victorian dining chairs .

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