14 Apr 2021
August 14, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — David

The Antiques Roadshow, aired on PBS in America, is expecting an enthusiastic welcome from residents of Richmond this week, as over 27,000 people competed for just 3,000 pairs of tickets to be present at filming and appraisals. Each person who secured a ticket will be allowed to bring along one item for appraisal. Up to 12,000 items will be viewed on the day of filming, with around 100 being filmed to be aired on the programme.

According to the executive producer of the show, Marsha Bemko, the best chance of being filmed with an item is to bring along something which has been in the family for generations, or has some aspect that makes it mysterious. Bemko also states that the team includes around 70 of the most knowledgeable antiques experts in the country, so they will know the answers to questions.

The producer also warns that it isn’t the most valuable antiques which are aired, but those which are interesting and have a history. Back in ‘98, the popular TV show visited Richmond before the team had introduced a queuing system. Many people had to be turned away at the end of a long day.

One of the 1998 episodes was recently aired again, indicating that jewellery had increased considerably over the years in value, while World Series baseballs bearing autographs had retained the same value over the years. As with jewellery, antique furniture is also a solid investment – especially items like antique marquetry furniture , which will enhance the home while increasing in value over the years.

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