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April 26, 2011 - Filed under: Antiques News,Auctions — Harriet

Antique cutlasses are currently drawn between the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and its Arts and Antiques Group Board.

Last year, the RICS elected a new board, who promptly launched an ambitious action plan designed to help RICS AAG members value and auction their antiques such as antique desks. However, Lancashire members like many more are feeling distinctly under-represented following the RICS surprise decision to disband its new group after “serious concerns” were raised over the expenses and beaurocracy involved.

There is a tenuous connection between chartered property surveyors and antique dining tables in Cumbria. With a growing elderly population, a growing number of properties are placed “under the hammer,” effects and all. It’s not always due to the death of the owner; realisation of the estate to pay nursing home fees and even bankruptcy can factor.

The RICS Arts And Antiques Professional Group was founded to promote and regulate professional standards in the area of antiques and fine art sales and valuations. Many non-RICS auctioneers are disgruntled at the way the AAPG seeks to raise the status of the Chartered Arts and Antiques Surveyor, claiming their own expertise and professionalism are being devalued. The AAPG argues that via services like its yearly Arts and Antiques survey, it is providing a valuable service to the antique industry in general. Currently, however, the entire ethos of the AAPG is under review – RICS is establishing yet another new board.

Let it be said that when antique dealers in Preston buy Victorian dining chairs and antique desks at auction, the value of the furniture is of far more interest than whether the auctioneer has RICS status or not.

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