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May 27, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques Advice — Richard

The Assistance League of Salem was the beneficiary of an antiques appraisal event held at the Salem Armory recently.

Gary Germer, an antiques appraiser, was invited by the Salem Collectors and Flea Market to provide $5 appraisals at the event. All the profits from the day were donated to the Assistance League of Salem, which supports children of school age.

A number of items were brought in to be appraised, including ivory with scenes of Karma Sutra and a mask with a dragon head. Germer appraised the items using several factors, like the condition, market price, materials used, and history. According to Germer, quite a few possessions were items that had been in the family home for many years. Germer added that people usually grow up with an item and then decide to see if it has value by getting the item appraised. Among the items seen by Germer were antique furniture, sculptures, and books.

A 14-karat gold bracelet with charms was the most valuable item appraised that day. The charm bracelet, which was a wedding present, belonged to a woman whose husband served in the Navy. Every time the couple moved to a new station, the husband bought a new charm to add to the bracelet. He added that although the value of the gold was around $3,000, the true value was in the memories.

Antique furniture holds plenty of memories for those who collect specific items, like antique cabinets. In Lancashire, there are a number of antique dealers who have selected items that they would be happy to display for lovers of fine antiques.

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