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December 23, 2013 - Filed under: Antique Chairs — Harriet

A man in Colorado whose business turns skis into furniture experienced a huge sales boost in 2013, it has emerged.

According to Adam Vernon, the owner of Colorado Ski Chairs, he has sold more furniture this year than in the last five years combined.

Vernon states that skis are made to withstand extremes of weather and pressure. He has over 500 skis in his yard at any one time, waiting to be made into a piece of furniture like a love seat or picnic table.

His passion for the sports equipment has also led to him using them to build a tree house.

Vernon has put the boost in customers down to word of mouth, as well as social media.

The Colorado businessman started his collection of antique wooden skis around seven years ago, with some being 50 years old. Indemnification means that modern skis which are more than four to seven years old will not be used for the sport, and very often end up in landfill. Manufacturers only guarantee their products for a limited number of years before removing them from an indemnified gear list.

The first item of furniture made by Vernon was an Adirondack chair, crafted with a wooden frame that had skis attached. A cup holder was produced for the chair by using binding. Although the furniture is unusual and appeals to those with a taste for something different, many collectors will prefer to browse a reputable store for antique dining chairs . Lancashire, in the UK, has a number of antiques dealers who have a range of furniture – and not a ski in sight.

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