07 Mar 2021
August 17, 2020 - Filed under: Antique Chairs — Richard

Well-known New York interior designer Sasha Bikoff has created a unique range of antique chairs reupholstered with fashion fabrics.

Bikoff says that she became obsessed with New York’s garment district at the age of 13, and she used to buy fabric to make clothes and create canopies for her bed. Many fashion designers sell discontinued fabrics, which are often exclusive designs, and Bikoff buys these fabric remnants from famous fashion houses including Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Roberto Cavalli for her restoration work.

She holds onto the fabric until she finds a suitable antique chair in need of restoration. She reupholsters the chair with fashionable fabric to create a unique work of art. Her work includes 1980s chrome dining chairs in Roberto Cavalli’s fabric, a 1960s Adrian Pearsall high back chair covered in Dolce & Gabbana silk and an antique armchair in Valentino’s butterfly camo silk. Some striking looking chairs have also been upholstered with Hermès scarves, which are mixed with remnant fabrics.

The cost of fabric and upholstery work is expensive, but the antique furniture is bought at low prices because of their worn condition, which makes the overall cost of the chairs more affordable.

There are fine antique dining chairs , sofas and chaise longues available at Lancashire antique dealers. Most of these are in very good condition, but a worn item can be upholstered. Restorers use fabrics that closely match the period when the chair was made, but, as Sasha Bikoff demonstrates, an antique chair upholstered with modern fabric transforms a piece into something unique.

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