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February 9, 2015 - Filed under: Antique Toys — Harriet

An unnamed bidder has set a new record for the highest price to be paid for a Star Wars figurine at auction.

The Boba Fett action figure cost just £1.50 when it first hit the shops in 1980, but this toy in a pristine box has just sold for £15,000. With the buyer’s premium added, the total sale price is £18,000.

The auction was held at Vectis in Stockton-on-Tees recently, with the lot one of around 85 action figurines to be sold at two events. The seller of the Star Wars toy, Craig Stevens, has around 10,000 action figures in his collection and hopes to make around £100,000 from the two sales. As this initial auction raised a total of £41,796, Stevens is well on his way to reaching his target.

Most of the surviving Boba Fett figures that are still in pristine condition were made by Kenner, an Ohio toy company. However, the figurine that sold on 28th January was made by Palitoy near Leicester.

Although the Ohio-made toys are valuable, their estimated worth is not as high as the most recent to sell at auction and break records. For collectors, the figures that are most valuable are the ones in their original, untouched packaging, which is free from holes in the cardboard.

Valuable antiques are generally also free from major blemishes and faults, although an expert restorer can revitalise a quality piece of furniture, like antique dining tables . The Ribble Valley is a popular area for collectors.

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