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June 5, 2013 - Filed under: Antique Tables — Richard

A family heirloom belonging to a Jacksonville resident will have its secrets revealed when the popular Antiques Roadshow team arrives in the town. Barry McCullough inherited a games table and chair from his father, but the history of the antique items remain a mystery. Barry’s father commissioned the chair and games table in 1929 from a father and son team in Syria while he was studying abroad.

According to Barry, the pieces have always been a mystery to him. The games table is made up of 160,000 pieces, composed of ivory, olive wood and inlaid with onyx. When he discovered that the Antiques Roadshow program was going to visit Jacksonville, he seized the chance to find out more about the chair and games table. Following submission of the details to the team, the antique chair and games table were selected to be put forward for the TV show. The items have now been passed down to his daughter, who is hoping that an expert from the show can unravel the mystery of the pieces. He adds that although he is curious to know the value of the games table and chair, the items will possibly stay in the family as they are so special.

Antique furniture is often considered priceless to the owners, especially unusual pieces like custom made antique tables and chairs. Preston is a popular location for reputable antiques dealers, who will have a selection of rare and unusual antiques available for visitors to view.

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