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April 20, 2017 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Richard

A recent episode of BBC’s Antiques Roadshow left viewers shocked, as a piece of art that had been rescued from a bonfire was given an unbelievable valuation.

The art was an original of Sir Kyffin Williams, presented by its owner at Pembroke Castle in Wales. Rupert Maas, an art expert, was pleased to see the painting, saying:

“You come to that drawing and you see why he is adored in Wales.”

The painting depicts a Welsh farmhouse, which is overlooked by a gloomy sky. The owner said that the painting had been saved from being burnt on a bonfire. He had purchased the art work from the daughter of the gardener of Williams. According to the gardener, Williams would decide which paintings were not fit to be sold, and together with the gardener, they would burn them, meaning this one very nearly met its end.

However, the Antiques Roadshow expert had a surprise in store, as he revealed that on the back of the painting was a self-portrait of the artist. Maas said that he presumed that the artist did not like the self-portrait and had decided to paint something on the reverse rather than waste a canvas. The painting was valued at £20,000, which left members of the audience gasping in shock.

A painting like this would enhance the lounge of a home furnished with quality antique furniture, possibly hanging above an antique coffee table so that it could be admired by visitors.

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