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August 26, 2019 - Filed under: Selling Antiques — David

The owner of an antique shop in Spalding has caused a social media backlash when she stated online that she was thrilled with her acquisition of a tiger rug.

Tigers are a protected species and it is illegal to sell a tiger rug made after 1947 in the EU. Lesley Goodacre, the owner of Mews Emporium, dated her rug back to the 1930s. Therefore, this makes it legal to sell in the UK without a certificate. However, many people on social media site Facebook commented that it is immoral to sell the rug.

Others came to the defence of Ms Goodacre, saying that tiger rugs are part of history. One comment said:

“It was ignorantly but humanely shot, conservation of a species was not even a consideration back then. Mews didn’t shoot the animal but bought it because they appreciate history.”

Ms Goodacre said that this is a sensitive issue but as the tiger died more than ninety years ago, the rug should be seen as a piece of history.

Another area of controversy is that antiques containing ivory may be banned under new proposed legislation, in order to protect elephants. Unlike tiger rugs, the ban would include items that are over 100 years old.

For animals lovers, there is a wide range of antique sofas, chests, desks and other items available from Lancashire dealers that contain no animal products that are perhaps more aesthetically pleasing than a fierce tiger rug.

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