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January 10, 2014 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — David

An antique dealer from Vancouver who appeared recently on Four Rooms has spoken to Straight.com about his experiences on the show.

Scott Landon said he was thrilled when he was offered the chance to feature on the popular antiques show aired on CBC. According to Landon, appearing on the show gives the experts a chance to ‘keep it real’ and let viewers see the whole process of someone bringing in an item and it being purchased.

Landon said the programme isn’t the same as Antiques Roadshow, where an item discovered after many years will likely turn out to be highly valuable. According to Landon, the viewers will see just how much an item will really sell for.

During the first episode of Four Rooms, which aired on 5th January, a contender brought in a letter reportedly signed by author J. D. Salinger. The owner of the letter wanted $60,000 for the item, but the experts on the show wouldn’t pay that much. As Landon said:

“Come on, you might have two or three people in the country that you can even sell that to.”

During the show, contenders enter a series of rooms, each one featuring a different dealer who tells them what they are willing to pay for an item. The owner can either accept the offer or move on to the next expert. However, once an offer is rejected, there is no going back.

For those who are looking for antique furniture items, like antique cabinets, Preston in the UK has a number of dealers with pieces all fairly priced.

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