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A private collection of antiques said to be worth more than $1 million, has been opened to the public by strawberry farmers in Chevallum. Bernie Daniels and his wife Revleigh have spent years building their private collection, only deciding to open to the public in 2006, when a friend persuaded them to do so.

The couple, who met 44 years ago don’t charge entry to the museum, only asking for a donation to the RSPCA. The museum consists of a number of sheds which are carefully presented, situated on an island surrounded by water. Hence, the museum’s name is The Island. All type of antiques and treasures can be found at the museum, including dolls, milking machinery, tools, stationary engines and cameras. All the finds are in complete working order, restored to their former glory by Bernie and Revleigh if necessary.

Most of the couple’s time is spent working on their strawberry farm, all nine hectares. Each summer, the couple aim South looking for ‘gold’, much like the hit TV show, American Pickers. The couple consider ‘gold’ to be just about anything. According to Revleigh:

“Today has become a chuck-away world.”

Revleigh began collecting antiques and collectibles as a youngster, and continued when she met Bernie, who has the same love of antiques as his wife. The couple hope the collection will remain in the family, never being sold.

Collecting and restoring antiques, including antique furniture is a passion for a number of people. Particularly interesting pieces, like antique dining chairs in the Lancashire area have been carefully restored to their former beauty, to enhance your collection.

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