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The Alameda Point Antiques Faire in Northern California has seen its popularity soar to over 12,000 visitors a month. With over 750 traders, the antiques fair offers everything from antique furniture to old glassware and rusty gas station signs. The only rule for the antiques fair is that everything has to be over 20 years old.

The event is run by Antiques by the Bay Inc, with the organiser of the show, Allen Michaan accompanying a team of antiques appraisers who scour the aisles from 4 am to look for any items which do not follow the strict 20 year rule. Anything newer will be removed from the fair, along with its owner.

The number of visitors has risen by 40 percent over the last two years, with queues of cars stretching a mile long, waiting to enter the fair. The increased popularity is thought to be due to younger traders following the latest fashion trend for antique furniture and vintage clothing. Caitlin Flemming, aged 26 is a marketing executive who started visiting the fair five years ago, after buying her first apartment. Her friends were full of disbelief when they knew she was buying antique furniture, but after seeing her apartment join her on the monthly visits. Miss Flemming said:

“This generation, we really don’t look at antiques as a grandma- type thing. We look at what potential does it have, and how can I make it cool and new and hip.”

Antique furniture complements a home, with a number of people being avid collectors. Antiques dealers in the Lancashire area have a variety of items ranging from antique dining chairs to antique desks.

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