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July 5, 2013 - Filed under: Antiques on TV — Richard

An Antiques Roadshow expert recently surprised members of the Hutchinson family when he valued a vase which had been hidden away for the last 17 years, at £1,000.

When Margaret Hutchinson passed away in December last year, her family cleared out her home, discovering the vase and some other objects which had been stored away. Margaret’s son Richard was going to throw away the vase, but his wife wanted to keep it to display her flowers around the house.

The family placed the vase on their hearth until the Antiques Roadshow visited Burnley, which is close by. Steven Moore, an expert in ceramics was delighted by the detail on the item, describing it as “fantastic”.

The team at the Antiques Roadshow asked if they could film Richard and his wife with the vase, while receiving an appraisal from the expert. This is when they learned that it was worth £1,000. However, Richard has said that it had become something of a family heirloom and will probably be presented to his son in the future.

Antiques are often passed down through families, but they can also be discovered in reputable antiques stores around the UK, especially antique marquetry furniture . Preston is just one location where collectors will find fine pieces.

The vase was from the Austrian House of Amphora, and was made in 1902. Margaret’s uncle left it, along with some other items, to her when he died in 1996. Most of the pieces are over 100 years old and will be kept in the family.

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