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September 23, 2011 - Filed under: Antique Desks — David

Richard Jacobs, aged 82, has been a skilled woodworker for almost 70 years. Starting woodworking as a hobby, Jacobs developed his talent and eventually built a home for himself and his wife to live in. Much of the furniture was hand carved by Jacobs, who takes his inspiration from books and magazines which feature Shaker and Queen Anne antique furniture.

In addition to making furniture for their home, Jacobs makes ornaments which he sells at local craft fairs. Each piece of hand crafted furniture throughout the house has a story behind it. Much of the wood and other materials is salvaged and recycled by Jacobs to make the latest addition to his collection of furniture. He also uses square nails and wooden pegs, just as skilled craftsmen in the 18th and 19th centuries did.

A selection of furniture adorns the home that Jacobs has lovingly furnished, including cabinets, bedroom chests and tables. One cupboard is made from cherry wood which was picked up by his brother, an antique dealer who discovered the wood whilst travelling. One of his favourite items is a chest that has been painted to achieve the look of an antique chest of drawers.

Anyone with an appreciation of fine furniture will be heartened to know that the techniques employed by the great craftsmen are still in use. However, you may still want a classic antique chest rather than comission a new piece. Lancashire has a number of antique dealers with a selection of pieces to offer that are in as good condition as the day they were made.

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