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A collection of antique teapots has recently been sold at auction for over four times the estimated value.

The teapots were collected over the years by Philip Miller, who bought his first teapot during the 1970s. It was a 19th-Century piece that was the beginning of a large collection. Miller displayed his teapots in the home, on custom-built shelving. However, his widow was forced to sell the collection at auction, as she was relocating and would have less room to work with.

Anderson and Garland auctioneers in Newcastle organised the sale, which attracted bids from around the world, including Japan and Canada. According to his widow, Patricia, her husband had developed his interest in teapots, even writing two books about them, although he never drank tea himself. She said:

“I was sorry to have to sell his beloved teapots, but I simply don’t have room for them anymore. The most ironic thing is that Philip didn’t like tea, he actually never drank a drop.”

The collection included 260 lots at auction. One was made in 1936 by Clarice Cliff, a ceramic artist, selling for £198. Another was made around 1765, and was a rare Westpans soft paste teapot, selling for £1,215. The whole collection sold at auction, raising over £80,000. According to the auctioneers, selling an entire collection in one day is a rare occurance.

Some collectors would rather browse antiques shops so that they can buy something that catches their eye – perhaps a piece of antique furniture like an antique dining table , which may be enhanced by an antique teapot from the collection.

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