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October 10, 2012 - Filed under: Antiques News — Richard

Antique dealers across the UK had best make sure their antique cabinets are well-stocked – after a member of the Thai royal family spent £20,000 in an eight hour marathon at an antiques centre in Essex.

Back in June, Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, together with his wife and 30-strong entourage went on a spending spree to a sleepy Hampshire village, leaving four hours later with £10,000 worth of antique porcelain. Two weeks later he was back again, but presumably there were still some spaces which needed to be filled in the antique cabinets of Nonthaburi Palace, because the Princess Consort Srirasmi has just returned to England to stock up on yet more porcelain and silverware, this time choosing an antiques arcade in Battlebridge, Essex.

The 40-year old princess arrived, unannounced, in a 15-vehicle motorcade which included limousines, a mini bus and a number of vans. She definitely wasn’t there just to browse, because she and her assistants then spent eight hours clearing the shelves of porcelain, glassware, silver, figurines and other collectibles, which were efficiently labelled and boxed up. By the time the princess and her entourage left it was gone 11pm, and many stall-holders were left staring at empty cabinets. One dealer said:

“She wasn’t buying particularly expensive items. But she bought a lot.”

Another added that some stall-holders had to scour the country to replace their stock.

In Lancashire, a good antique dealer treats everyone who walks through the door like royalty.

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